Fishing and Composting Worms – 1kg



Dendrobaena are a hardy worm and the most popular worm used for fishing. They are lively, wriggle well and can survive in cold water for long periods.
If you are fishing in canals or ponds then the small worms will be ideal, if they you are trying for fish like Carp, Bream, Tench, Pearch or Roach then the medium worm is perfect and the large ones can be used for any other fish specimen.

Dendrobaena Worms are the most popular fishing bait worm in the world. They are large, tough, lively and particularly tasty to fish. These worms are extremely fresh, they will have come directly from the growing beds via the courier to your door. You cannot get fresher.

Finnis Organic Worms are fed on the very best food to keep them healthy and rather than having to travel across Europe to you, the Finnis Organic Worm will be with you within 24 hrs of your order being dispatched, ensuring that your worms are healthy and ready for you to use.

Dendrobaena worms are also the top worm for composting which is why we use them in the worm works composting bin system. You can also use them on your ordinary compost heap.

In ideal conditions they can double their numbers in 6 weeks meaning that they can eat any amount of waste that you throw at them.

  • Finest Quality
  • Locally Bred
  • Only 24 hrs in Transport
  • Healthy
  • Competitively Priced

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